Emtel increases Airbox 10Mbps quota from 75GB to 100GB

2 months after Emtel has introduced a fixed quota for their Airbox 10Mbps package, the quota has been increased from 75Gb to 100Gb.

New FUP – 100Gb

Additionally, a new plan called Silver + has been launched. It costs Rs 1,034 and comes with 240 minutes of air time.

New Silver + Airbox Plan

BUT needless to say, my previous post, https://internetinmauritius.wordpress.com/2017/03/25/the-only-advantage-of-emtel-airbox-is-gone/ still stands.

The new 100Gb quota for Emtel Airbox is excellent, but crap network with peak hours…JUST MOVE ON TO LTE-ADVANCED and 20 Mhz is fucking not enough…When you have to pay, you gotta pay.