The Unlimited Mobile Data, Call & SMS plans in Mauritius

Unlimited packs have been very rare in Mauritius. Out of the three mobile operators in Mauritius, ChiLi by MTML has kickstarted the unlimited trend with a launch-spree of several unlimited packs during the last semester of 2016.

With the recent launch of Emtel’s unlimited packs, let’s look at an overview of all the different packages proposed by our local operators, namely Mauritius Telecom (Orange), Emtel, and MTML (ChiLi).

Unlimited Data Packages

Orange Emtel ChiLi
 None  Daily 1GB Unlimited – Rs 51  Night Unlimited – Rs 56.4
 Monthly 1.25GB Unlimited – Rs 299  Weekly 5GB Unlimited – Rs 517.5
 Monthly 2GB Unlimited – Rs 499
 Monthly 3GB Unlimited – Rs 649
 Monthly 25GB Unlimited – Rs 949

Unlimited Call Packages

Orange Emtel ChiLi
 Daily – Rs 44.85 (Love Pack)  Daily – Rs 39  Daily – Rs 40.25
 Monthly – Rs 479  2 Days – Rs 57.5
 Weekly – Rs 138

Unlimited SMS Packages

Orange Emtel ChiLi
 None  Daily – Rs 5  Daily – Rs 46
 Monthly – Rs 149

Unlimited COMBO packages (Includes Data, Call & SMS)

Orange Emtel ChiLi
 None  Daily – Rs 74  None
 Monthly – Rs 995

Note: All prices are VAT inclusive.