ChiLi By MTML 4G/LTE Tested!

The 4G/LTE network of ChiLi by MTML is pretty much live in most regions of Mauritius where we tested.

A speedtest performed at on Mauritius Telecom Port Louis server yielded the following result which is quite good but lacking compared to Orange by Mauritius Telecom and Emtel. Since the 4G network of ChiLi is very new and therefore should have a very low number of users connected via 4G, we expected that a much higher speed could be attained on a local speedtest.

ChiLi 4G Speedtest

ChiLi by MTML 4G network is using the same band as its competitors, that is, Band 3 (1800) and most probably has the same amount of spectrum at 20Mhz.

Considering that the following speeds were obtained on Orange and Emtel respectively, then, nothing impressive to discuss about ChiLi, but still, ChiLi provides the cheapest data package at an adequate speed, enough for most internet users. ūüėä

Orange 4G Speedtest
Emtel Platinum 4G Speedtest

What if Emtel Airbox was TheBox?

Asking the right question is key to healthy competition. What if Emtel Airbox was TheBox at launch?

Dear Mr. Teddy Bhullar (CEO of Emtel)

Presenting to you TheBox – A Proposal by InternetInMauritius.

TheBox will be different from any other technology you have encountered before in Mauritius. TheBox will able to compete with Fibre-To-The-Home and provide guaranteed speed at peak hours (advertised as “up to”, but guaranteed – UNDER PROMISE, OVER DELIVER). TheBox is no FTTA gimmick, it is all about 4G+, not platinum 4G or whatever word you come up with.

Start by diversifying your network by first deploying the METISS cable, you’re taking too long…time is critical. Then, start peering at major internet exchanges in Europe and Africa or buy more transit. Whichever you want, but give us lower latency than the competitors.

And with the amount of towers available in Mauritius by Emtel, start by connecting all your tower via FIBRE to your backbone, keep wireless P2P as backup. Then start equipping all these with eNodeB (LTE Base Station). Then deploy 4G in multiple bands. To do that, refarm the whole 800 spectrum for 4G, refarm 900 Mhz spectrum by eliminating 2G, keep existing 4G on 1800 and request ICTA to make 2600 available for LTE. So overall, the following bandwidth should be available for 4G.

  • 10Mhz on Band 20
  • 10Mhz on Band 8 (Huawei B618)
  • 20Mhz on Band 3
  • 20Mhz on Band 7

So a total of 400 Mbps should be achievable per sector using 64QAM. For 3 sectors, that should be 1200 Mbps.

Now, for the subscriber module, choose Huawei B2338 outdoor modem. Limit the number of subscribers to 20 per sector and provide the following packages Р30Mbps, 60Mbps and 100Mbps.

An outdoor modem would be desired since it prevents customers from moving their modems around and degrading the network signal, resulting in numerous customer complaints about slow speed. But if use of outdoor modem is not desirable, a proper alternative is the Huawei B618 indoor modem.

Tadaaaaa!!! Your solution to healthy competition.

To the people at Emtel, you’re smart enough and you should have known that this is the only way you can compete with FTTH…


Not this crap again

LTE?? 5G?? over 50km?? Enough of Globtel blah blah…Huawei/Ericsson ALL THE WAY

The only advantage of Emtel Airbox is gone!

Emtel Airbox was a much welcomed addition to the already existing offers from Mauritius Telecom. Its main selling point has been its much relaxed fair usage policy which only throttles¬†internet speed if other parties are affected by one’s¬†high internet usage.

Everything changes today, 25 March 2017.

Today, Emtel confirms that a fair usage policy of 75GB is being applied to customers on the 10Mbps plan. Over 75GB, the speed is throttled to 1Mbps download and 512Kbps upload.

Emtel Airbox New FUP

Emtel has lost its main selling point. You have no reasons to opt for Airbox nor to change from my.t to Airbox if you’re already an internet consumer.

Mauritius Telecom my.t have multiple advantages over Emtel Airbox as listed below.

  1. Consistent internet speed throughout the day.
  2. No speed throttling during peak hours
  3. Lower international and local latency
  4. Better international routing with direct routing to Asia, Europe and Africa
  5. Future proof technology, Mauritius Telecom can launch a 1Gbps package any day
  6. Not affected by electromagnetic interference or weather condition