MBC Play and Amazon AWS

MBC, the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation has recently launched their smartphone app on Google Play and Apple Appstore. The application allows streaming of 5 MBC channels namely MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC4 and Cine12.

As streaming platform, they are currently using Amazon AWS for content delivery. In fact data is going out from Mauritius to Amazon AWS servers and back to Mauritius on smartphones. This is wastage of precious bandwidth capacity which could have been used to rid of fair usage policies. On that matter, how the hell are we going to watch MBC channels which consumes ginormous amount of data.

The Solution

Why doesn’t MBC acquire its own Autonomous System Number (ASN) and peer at the Mauritius Internet Exchange Point (MIXP). We should make use of the Internet Exchange Point. From the stats of the IXP, there is a mere traffic going through it since our two major ISPs, Mauritius Telecom and Emtel have private peering agreement, their traffic do not go through the IXP.

MIXP Traffic Stats

With the rising price of Amazon AWS, which is billed per GB, the cost the MBC would have to pay with the increasing number of smartphone consumers will be huge.

As an example, let’s look at the BBC, which allows their users to watch their TV channels not only on smartphone, but also on a computer, and in HD. They have their own ASN, AS2818 and is peering at multiple facilities. This reduces the cost of bandwidth while having to maintain content distribution servers. But above and overall, this is a long term cheaper solution.


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